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Самые популярные игры для телефонов

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Headsup Poker 3G Free (Holdem Blackjack Omaha)

Автор: admin от 31-07-2013, 22:23

"Play poker with people you know, anywhere you go."

No Limit Texas Hold'em, Pot Limit Omaha, with more fun poker games to come, all for free.

This is the OS3 version of the popular free app Headsup Hold'em Poker Free. It is completely free (with banner ads) and it will stay this way.

- Play against your iPhone or iPod Touch
- Play your friend on two iPhones/iPod Touches (OS3 Bluetooth networking! No Wi-Fi needed)
- Play your friend on a single iPhone or iPod Touch

Note that Bluetooth networking is NOT supported on the original iPhone or the first -generation iPod Touch. But you can still install this app on these older devices and enjoy the single player mode or the single phone mode.

Imagine playing heads up poker on an airplane/subway/train/bus, in a bar/restaurant/coffee shop/library, on a camping trip... Play by yourself. Play with your friends. The possibilities are endless.

More features and improvements are coming soon. Check for updates often.

Special thanks to Fan Yang for graphic design.